Unprecedented Money from Real Estate, Developers, LLCs, and Tech companies spent in D6 Election


Mayor Libby Schaaf has consolidated money for her agenda in this election, and her developer, real estate, LLC, venture capital, and tech friends are coming through big with their contributions. Not only has she raised money to support candidate campaigns, she's funded two Independent Expenditures (which are not subject to any donation limits) to oppose me, running ads to vote for "anybody but Desley". 

Voters need to hear the truth about the money in this election - but unfortunately, many of the mainstream media outlets like the SF Chronicle are not covering the story. Here are some of the articles that help paint a clearer picture:

Help us spread the truth to voters - make sure our District 6 neighbors are hearing from you and not just from the outside millionaires who are trying to buy their votes.

Black Panther Party Co-Founder Bobby Seale Endorses Desley Brooks

Oakland, CA -- City Councilmember Desley Brooks continues to rack up key endorsements for the District 6 campaign in the November 2018 election. This week she gained the support of prominent activist Bobby Seale, Co-founder of The Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

“I endorse sister Desley Brooks for reelection to Oakland City Council. She is truly innovative in both thought and action. Desley has been a vital voice in the fight for people's economic, ecological, and social justice empowerment.” says Bobby Seale, whose community work in the Oakland area and the nation spans over five decades.

A long-time organizer, Seale co-founded the Black Panther Party for Self Defense with Huey P. Newton in 1966 in Oakland. The organization aimed to combat police brutality and create self- determined communities for Oakland’s Black residents. The prominent organization also famously provided programs filling basic needs for people neglected by government efforts and cut of locally funded efforts. Seale says Desley Brooks is the only candidate working towards these same goals today. ”Her legislation on jobs, housing, environmental injustices and community development have ensured that the people of Oakland have a chance to grow with the city, not be pushed out of it,” said Seale.

The Drug War Came For Their Families. Now Legal Weed Offers These Women A New Future.

The last time Linda Grant was arrested for marijuana possession was in 2003. It was her fourth such arrest. She was jailed for five weeks, and was told that if she was caught with an ounce again, she’d face a decade or more in prison.

“Of course, I was scared,” said Grant, who is black. “I had kids. I didn’t want to go to prison. They told me I would never see my kids again.”

Grant, 49, has lived in east Oakland, California, her entire life. Throughout the 1990s, she operated a cannabis business under the table.