Stop Violence against African Americans

Oakland’s Mayor and City Council have paid lip service to the issue of racial bias by the Oakland Police force, but we’ve yet to see any real results. In 2017, Oakland police stopped black drivers more than twice as often as all other groups combined. And, when they made an arrest, they were 24x more likely to use force on African Americans.

Meanwhile, hate crimes have increased by 17% in California in the last year, and the top target of hate crimes are black people. Nia Wilson’s murder, a clear example of a hate crime, has not been charged as a hate crime, indicating that there are even more acts of violence against African Americans than is even being tracked.

The result is that black youth in East Oakland live in fear. Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time could make them the victim of police violence or worse.

As an East Oakland resident, I stand with my City Council representative Desley Brooks to demand that our  mayor and city council hold police accountable and take a strong stand against violence against black people.

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